Saturday, October 09, 2004


I was reading in bed when I had the oddest sensation. First I thought someone was under the bed moving it. Then it felt like I was in a waterbed. I thought I was dizzy. But the whole room was gently rocking; the door and curtain swayed. That's when I realized, "This is an earthquake!" I was frozen to the spot, fully alert, wondering what this would mean.

Then it was over. No deaths. No drama. No damage.

But HE had made His point. For a long time, even through the night as I dreamed, and again in the morning, I felt different. Small. Fragile. Utterly dependent.

What I took for granted only yesterday morning, that is, the solidness of the earth, the immovability of it all, was greatly altered. This massive rock that we are planted on cannot be trusted. Even it is at the mercy of the Maker. It CAN be moved. HE is the only thing certain.

Don't we all need a reality check every once in a while?